FESTIVAL DEL VETRO: Museo del Vetro – MURANO from 5th May to 3rd June, 2018

Saturday  05th May 2018, from 18.00 to  21.00 at the MUSEO DEL VETRO in Murano Island took place the Vernissage and the Opening of the Exhibition in the Garden of the Museum od the International artists: Alice Biba (sculptress), Silvia Finiels (design of the Glass), Alberto Lasala (painter) e Antonia Trevisan (360° Artist).  These works will be displayed in Murano till 3rd June 2018 and then, from 23rd June to 23 September 2018 they will be at the “Padiglione del Vetro” at the Scoletta di San Giovanni in Bragora in Campo Bandiera e Moro.

From 19.30, i “Bead’s Connection” with Luisa Conventi (impiraressa), Paola Vianello (impiraressa), Helena Smeraldi (stylist) and Sabrina Baldacchini (Hat’s design). Furthermore, a theatrical performance of the Director  Valentina Confuorto  “El ziogo delle perle de Vero” (the Women of the Glass of Venice) with as actress Valentina Recchia.

Entrance by Invitation.

Information: Dr. Lisette Caputo – Associazione di Promozione Culturale LILLYTH http://www.artconnection.it

Phone + 39 3279383922  or + 39 3884746318    mail : info@artsconnection.it